The BioMedLabS Portal: overall experience and educational prospects

Background: Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) is a popular healthcare profession in Greece, regardless its rather limited career prospects in the local job market. The undergraduates’ and professionals’ awareness concerning the international scientific developments, progress and alternative even innovative career options is low. On the other hand, the Internet and Social Media have become popular means for collecting information as well as networking and collaborating. Objective: The BioMedLabS portal aims to introduce the international scientific standards, raise interest and inspire, collect and provide general information regarding the profession. Specialists’ experiences are also used as a source of knowledge and information to the Greek audience. Methods: Via learning 2.0 services and peers, Greek MLS undergraduate students and professionals get interconnected with Greek MLS specialists working in Europe, at positions other than the conventional clinical laboratory bench, and get familiarized with professional rights and guidelines worldwide. Data collected through the network of expertise and the audience that was built, was assembled and presented in seminars organized at Papageorgiou Hospital. Results: The portal opened 34 months ago (493,139 pageviews in 487 posts and 20 pages) and had 159,852 Unique Visitors from 117 countries (Greeks: 93.8 %). Its Facebook page and updates are followed by 1705 individuals (Gender: Male 35%; Female 65%. Age:18-24, 20%; 25-34, 37%; 35-44 6.7%). The most viewed topics concern job opportunities (trending topic: 5.2% of total pageviews), scholarships (trending topic: 2.1%), MLS (trending topic: 1.4%), working abroad (trending topic: 1.2%) and education (trending topic: 1%). Conclusions: The BioMedLabS portal has set the foundations for Greek MLS scientists to connect with the rest of the world and it has presented alternative ways of collecting knowledge and achieving continuous professional awareness. Future aims include a series of webinars, along with several questionaires of different nature, and potentially the development of a database in order to promote informal education in MLS in Greece.


Saturday, 7 April, 2012 - 14:00 to 15:30