Comments on Build your own VP

The hands-on workshop had preliminaries from Ella Iskrenko , who described her practical experiences with using VP for medical  education, and Eleni  Dafli, who introduced software tools (VUE and Openlabrynth) for designing and creating a VP scenario with branching pathways. Participants then used those tools to create a VP scenario with a branching pathway.
The venue was not ideal for the hands-on session, since delegates were seated in unmoveable “cinema-style” seating, making group work  problematic. However, The practical exercises were well designed to give delegates practical experience within the short time allotted and to make the concepts and theories presented in the preceding session concrete. Eleni  gave a strong steer from the stage and there was good support for delegates from tutors. The delegate groups were successful in implanting a VP.  I think the first three sessions provided an excellent start to the Spring School by effectively navigating the delegates from theory and concepts to practical hands-on experience of designing and implementing VPs.