Comments on the MorMed session

The session: This session, presented initially by Iraklis, provided a description, demonstration scenarios  and hands-on experience of MorMed. MorMed is a system which tries to overcome language barriers between individuals within a thematic community, initially, communities of individuals with specific  rare diseases. Motivations were, information for such thematic communities can be hard to find, language sometimes being a barrier, and in particular specialised information is often not easy to find. Rare disease information is such a case.  Therefore objectives were to build a thematic community platform which is multilingual, encourages and supports users to generate content, and which provides  autotranslation.  A first demonstration scenario was presented by Dimitrus. In this scenario, a GP has a patient with Lupus disease. Accordingly, the GP logs in to MORMED and joins the Lupus thematic  group. Subsequently, the GP creates a blog describing experiences with the patient, and create appropriate tags to describe content. The blog entries are automatically translated, allowing users to see the blog in their native language. Kostas then demonstrated the automated taxonomy maintenance feature. Finally, delegates were engaged in a hands exercise, in which they joined MorMed groups and created blog entries which we automatically translated, thus providing them with concrete and practical experience of the key features. Finally, Iraklis discussed links with mEducator.
Comments: This was a very successful session.  It achieved its aim of disseminating details of MorMed, the underlying ideas and providing practical experience of its key features.  The presentation was well planned and well pace, as it progressed from the theory to the practice. Also, the presenters avoided potential technical problems by demonstrating the system using powerpoint slides with screen dumps.  The hands-on  exercise went well and was supplemented with narrative from the stage in which the significance of featured used was elaborated.