Comments on "Overview of e-Learning in Medical Education

After the opening welcoming remarks from  Panos Bamidis, Prof Vassilis Tarlatzis, and Professor Pappas, the keynote was given by Terry Poulton. In his keynote Terry Poulton provided an ”overview of e-learning in Medical Education”. He reviewed e-learning definitions, identifing information and communications as key to most definitions. In the body of his talk, Terry reviewed e-learning tools, such as mobile learning, web2.0 (social nets; forums, wikis, blogs; repositories, ...), virtual patients and virtual worlds. He questioned the value of certain tools for e-learning, such as Facebook and virtual worlds, and identified Virtual Patients (VPs) as the e-learning tool which is having the biggest impact. He identified a number of advantages to the use of VPs, including it being less expensive, self-paced, and available anytime, with a consistent message, media rich and personalised.
This was an entertaining and informative presentation from a leading figure in the area.