Extending Moodle2.0 in the semantic and social media spaces for Linked Medical Learning: the mEducator3.0/MILES+ approach

During the last decades Learning Content Management Systems have experienced an enormous expansion. Proprietary and open source systems have been installed and heavily used across many different institutions. In the new era of semantic web, linked data and social media, it is imperative that LCMSs could not remain unaffected. In terms of this context and taking into consideration mEducator Best Practices for sharing medical educational resources, we have adjusted and further expanded Moodle, an open source LCMS, used by some 57 million users and containing over 53 million resources. The new LCMS, namely Medical inter-Linked Educational Space (MILES+), allows users to properly describe or update their educational resources with mEducator ontology and share them with the rest of the medical educational community by the means of Linked Data through the use of a D2R server. To this extent, mEducator resources form federated systems may be searched, retrieved and inserted into MILES+, without requiring the user to leave his institutional LCMS and search across other systems. In addition, an enhanced educational experience for the user is taking place, since resources from the Linked Open Data Cloud (LOD) are proposed as relating to the platform’s resources thereby enriching the resource context; a geographical representation of the resources is taking place while WEB2.0 technology fosters online collaboration between users.


Saturday, 7 April, 2012 - 10:00 to 11:15