How to Publish - Ask the Editor! Interactive Session


Gunther Eysenbach, Editor and Publisher of the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR), provided his presentation agenda at the start of his talk. He engaged the audience by asking: Who knows about JMIR? Who plans to publish in the near future? Who has published an article in the past? Dr. Eysenbach spoke about JMIR having open access and the fact it has a very high impact factor. He spoke about JMIR Research Protocols, Interactive JMIR and the publication of Medicine 2.0 proceedings as being new spin-offs of JMIR. He illustrated how JMIR has been a pioneer in open access journals and provided the audience information about his publication, The Open Access Advantage, J Med Internet Res 2006;8(2):e8. The JMIR Production Workflow was briefly explained. He explained how an author might provide a Pub Med ID in the reference page of a manuscript and the rational of using an online reference citation (WebCite) to preserve the original link for a long period of time.


Dr. Eysenbach provided the audience with the basics for writing a paper – where do you begin? It is important to choose the right format for the expression of your ideas, for example original article, review, tutorial and viewpoint. One excellent way to start is by creating tables or slides for a presentation. The IMRaD method was reviewed and the presenter highlighted bullet points about this IMRaD method in his slides. The Consort-Ehealth guidelines were presented and suggested for non-randomized controlled trials. These guidelines are located on the JMIR webpage. It was very helpful to hear about the revision process because this is an area of the publication process that may be challenging for the reviewers, editor and author.


The content presented in this session was very educational because it provided the participants with a very clear and succinct method of writing a paper for publication. The do's and dont's were presented...very helpful! Overall, a great presentation and I suggest it be made as an online video.


The JMIR impact factor was commented on and discussed.