IEEE LOM, Healthcare LOM and the need for extensions: the mEducator standard schema approach

Although there are existing standards for describing learning objects/educational resources, the need to extend them is often inevitable. IEEE Learning Object Metadata (LOM) and its extension Healthcare LOM were used in mEducator BPN project, as the starting point for the development of a metadata standard for the description of a wide variety of medical educational resources. Healthcare LOM, which was designed by MedBiquitous to provide for the specific demands of medical and healthcare education, was considered to be reused by mEducator in order to fill IEEE LOM’s lack on medical metadata. However, there were still some concepts missing in the aforementioned standards that are needed in order to meet mEducator’s requirements such as repurposing, citation, quality stamp, companionship, media type as well as some more specific characteristics. So, conceptually-wise the mEducator standard is an extension of existing standards. When considering of reusing parts of an existing e-learning standard it is worth looking into two criteria a) the conceptual model/data model of these standards b) their serialisation in a machine processable format (JSON, XML etc.) Regarding the serialisation of those standards in a machine processable format, both IEEE LOM and Healthcare LOM have been bided officially directly in XML. However, Resource Description Framework (RDF) was identified as the most appropriate framework to use since the metadata should be compliant with the principles of Linked Data. Dublin Core on the other hand is an e-learning standard that has been expressed in RDF/XML. Consequently, the latter was the standard that was reused in mEducator approach. In other words, mEducator reused the concepts and the serialisation format of Dublin Core and it also proposed conceptual extensions to it.


Friday, 6 April, 2012 - 16:30 to 17:30