mEducator application: Transforming an educational and awareness institute on line

Traditionally, medical education was combining didactic instruction with hands-on learning in the clinical setting. However, physicians’ specific needs are difficult to be addressed, especially in continuing medical education (CME) programs. The Institute for the Study of Urological Diseases, an organization dedicated to promote public awareness and health professionals’ CME has a long history of organizing public campaigns and different types of educational activities, such as clinical courses, master classes and consensus meetings. During the last year, we are working intensively to transfer all the educational experiences we have earned into a web-based educational and awareness educational platform. Based on mEducator, we were able to present in a friendly way all the material we have selected through the years and remained unused, as well as to use the platform in order to built up our future courses in a truly interactive way. The first application of the new development is ready to take place this month during the 5th Interactive School of Urology.


Friday, 6 April, 2012 - 14:30 to 16:15