mEducator spaces in Second Life

Background: From its inception, the meducator program, while mandating the repurposing of educational content aimed to utilize the full scope of e-learning, from traditional electronically assisted teaching (repurposing of presentations and lecture notes) to experiential learning (i.e. virtual patients and serious gaming). Objective: Within that scope, we have begun an initiative to bring the meducator research into one of the widely known multi user virtual environments (MUVEs) Second Life (SL). Methods-Results: Towards that, we utilized our Second Life island within which we aim to implement and test the relevant meducator research in the MUVE space. At the moment our efforts are focused on two fronts. First, utilizing the SLOODLE module of the popular moodle LMS system, we are publishing repurposable educational content, namely presentations, in order to facilitate self motivated and self assisted education leveraging the inquiry based educational method. We have currently implemented a prototype radiation protection workshop facilitating self directed discovery of information within a structured “theme park” of small and thematically focused explanatory presentations. Second, we aim to create a second life “semantic tree viewer” that would allow for depiction, in the SL world, of the relations between entities as these are described in RDF/XML documents via the relevant URIs. We have utilized a third party linked data library/parser (GRAPHITE/ARC) and created a set of server side PHP and Second Life scripts enabling the depiction of the RDF triples as SL “physical” interlinked objects. Conclusions: In both fronts there is still much work to be done. In the first front we aim to create an extensive test base in order to assess the impact of the MUVE in self motivated learning, while in the semantic tree viewer front we aim to further improve parsing and visualization, along with extending the viewer into visualization of the content itself.


Friday, 6 April, 2012 - 17:30 to 19:00