Towards an embedded semantic wiki for user training in an ePrescribing service

Electronic Prescribing (ePrescribing) has been introduced as a solution to improved patient safety and reduced medication costs and therefore, web-based technology should be fully embraced in the pharmacy industry as an aid to quality-assuring prescribing processes. Hence, healthcare information systems are facing the challenge of attempting to satisfy the needs of both novice and expert users, focusing on a high likelihood of physician adoption of ePrescribing. Well-defined ePrescribing processes and interoperable health IT will enable virtual care teams to cooperate in the care of patients across organizational boundaries and may conduct to ePrescribing adoption. However, it should be highly considered that successful healthcare process design requires active participation of users who are familiar with the cooperative and collaborative nature of healthcare delivery, expressed in terms of healthcare processes. Therefore, an ePrescribing service that premises a reusable, flexible, agile and adaptable training content with the objective to enable healthcare professionals cooperate, in order to instil their knowledge and expertise in the ePrescribing process management and (re)configuration activities, it is required. To this end, social software, such as a wiki, could be used as it supports cooperation and collaboration anytime, anywhere and combined with semantic web technology enables structuring pieces of information for easy retrieval, reuse and exchange between different systems and tools. In this approach a semantic wiki is proposed as a means for providing embedded training material for healthcare providers, regarding ePrescribing process management that acts as a collective online memory containing training material accessible to authorized users upon request, thus enhancing the training process with collaboration and cooperation capabilities. The semantic wiki may increase the likelihood of ePrescribing adoption by healthcare professionals as it offers them guidelines on how to perform each task of the ePrescribing service.


Saturday, 7 April, 2012 - 10:00 to 11:15