Transforming Medical Curricula by means of virtual patients

This presentation will focus on the way that interactive virtual patients are being used to transform medical and healthcare curricula These tools can not only replace existing didactic and case -based styles of learning used to teach most knowledge based conventional learning but also provide additional training opportunities in for problem-solving, patient management and training against medical error. The opportunity to train problemsolving in the context of patient management, has until recently been largely ignored in early medical and healthcare training. However medical decisionmaking takes place in complex and distributed cognitive environments, and sometimes involves risk and time pressure. It is no longer enough to train students in these experiences and skills, 'on the job'. Virtual patients can be used to allow students to consider options, take decisions and experience the impact of those decisions. In this way these tools can be used to train patent management and avoidance of error. The presentation will show how these tools are used in St Georges, to transform Problem-Based learning, lectures, and for selfdirected learning and assessment, and how these computer-based scenarios can be integrated with other interactive online learning resources. Finally the presentation will consider the new opportunities that technology may bring in terms of more authentic scenarios as we move towards the personalised patient avatar.


Friday, 6 April, 2012 - 17:30 to 19:00