A versatile architecture for federating mEducator 3.0 instantiations

The mEducator ontology has been designed to provide a consistent data scheme, across the various mEducator instances. As the installations get enriched with educational content, resource discovery, retrieval, sharing and reuse becomes more complicated. Consequently, advanced search features are needed to avoid content duplication and assist the learners in conveniently locating relevant content. To integrate the search functionality of the deployed platforms into a single access point, the search federation service was developed. The service exploits SPARQL 1.1 query-federation functionalityto request information from multiple SPARQL endpoints. The core of the service is based on a Joseki RDF server, which, in turn, is wrapped by an HTTP interface, developed in PHP. The service clients can use a simple syntax to define filters and returned fields, as well as, common Boolean operators and other parameters. In order to test the service, the AUTH mEducator team developed two clients, for its educational platforms. Successful completion of the these test has indicated that this architecture offers a much versatile and flexible method for federating mEducator3.0 instantiations, thereby allowing for a proper sustainability and exit strategy plan for mEducator.


Saturday, 7 April, 2012 - 10:00 to 11:15