Virtual patients on the Semantic Web: the mEducator3.0/Linked Labyrinth Plus approach

LLplus (Linked Labyrinth+) is a mEducator3 based on a semantic extension of OpenLabyrinth. It allows OpenLabyrinth users to integrate and share their Virtual Patient’s metadata within mEducator 3.0. Although the core version of OpenLabyrinth does not support extended repository functionalities, LLplus enriches the global metadata describing a Virtual Patient, by applying the mEducator schema on the existing OpenLabyrinth Global Metadata Editor. The Linked Labyrinth Plus approach allows Virtual Patients to be available on the Semantic Web, while it also provides a search mechanism to educational resources that exist in other LCMSs and repositories. The architecture is based on a D2R server that exposes the mEducator metadata to RDF triples and linked data, thereby allowing the connectivity with the Linked Open Data Cloud.


Saturday, 7 April, 2012 - 10:00 to 11:15