Web2.0 and Social Media in Medical Education

Social media applications will have a transformative effect on the nature of medicine and healthcare in the future, if the rhetoric around their use is to be believed. There is some evidence that the nature of healthcare interactions between doctors and their patients, and other healthcare professionals, is changing. However, it is also suggested by some that medical education is lagging behind in use of social media. This presentation will introduce examples of commonly used social media applications and of the ways in which they are being used to change healthcare and medical education. It is also important that research be undertaken to provide evidence of the real impact of such applications. The presentation will conclude by introducing some questions that might form the basis of the development of a research agenda in this area. The presentation will draw on work being undertaken by members of the IMIA Social Media Working Group in these areas.


Friday, 6 April, 2012 - 11:50 to 13:10